On May 20, 2009, at the Hotel Aqua Marina, situated in Mati Attica, was held the 1st local cooperator congress of KARABINIS MEDICAL. In the congress participated the entirety of our Cooperators, Representatives of the Pharmacy Cooperation, all over Greece. The participants were welcomed from the President & CEO Mr. Karabinis Apostolos and the responsible of our company sectors/business units. The congress also attended Mr. Ahmed Solak, representative and sales manager of the International company ABENA, new acquisition on the exclusivities of KARABINIS MEDICAL, who made an analytical presentation of ABENA incontinence products, replying to several questions, coming from our cooperators. Following, each of our special cooperators presented and analyzed their experience in the market field and their relation- cooperation with KARABINIS MEDICAL. The congress brought to completion with dinner offering to the participants, in pleasant mood, optimistic spirit and future development plans.