Athens,  December  17, 2020

The founder of KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A., Mr. Apostolos Karampinis, within the framework of the company’s development needs takes over the full management of the company and once more the duties of President and CEO. His long-term international business experience, as well as his experience in leading the company will ensure the implementation of new business plans focusing on the company’s further economic and business development, both in Greece and in major foreign markets. Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis, after his ten-year service with KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A. in the position in the Accounting Department, as well as in the positions of CFO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the last four years, will maintain close cooperation with the company as financial advisor.

Mr. Apostolos Karampinis stated: “I would like to thank Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis for his great contribution to the progress of our company during all these years he worked with passion for our ecosystem. Due to the increased duties of the position of President and CEO, I personally take over the leadership of the company, focusing on the further development of KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A., which is the core of my international business activities.”