CSR Program «Your Lifetime Partner»

//CSR Program «Your Lifetime Partner»
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Health is the cornerstone of our lives.

The World Health Organization in 1946 gave the definition for health. According to this definition “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. In Karabinis Medical we believe in the value of health and through our expertise in the fields of our activities, we contribute to the upgrading to the life quality. Karabinis Medical is a Greek company with strong presence in the health sector since 1967 and we continue to serve with responsibility the human being through our activity providing products and services with high technology and quality. Karabinis Medical actively supports through the Social Responsibility program “Your Life Partner” people and social groups or organizations that really need help and support. We encourage and actively participate in activities that promote and defend health but also athletics, environment, culture and society.

In Karabinis Medical we believe in the value of social contribution, collaboration and the power of love for all people!

Donation to the General Hospital of Lamia, August 2017

KARABINIS MEDICAL donated 1 automatic blood pressure monitor MICROLIFE WatchBP® Οffice O3, which is a clinically-tested professional blood pressure monitor with Atrial Fibrillation detection function (AFIB Technology), to the Pathology Clinic of General Hospital of [...]

Donation at the University of Thessaly, May 2018

KARABINIS MEDICAL donated 4 Microlife BP-AG1-30 analogue blood pressure monitors, 4 Microlife MT 550 digital thermometers and 4 Microlife MT 410 antimicrobial thermometers to the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Medical Faculty – [...]