Foundation of the company by Mr Vikentios Vitalis and commencement of its commercial activity as a gauze manufacturing craft enterprise, in Neo Iraklio, Attica.



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The company is expanded into a vertically integrated gauze industry by Mr. Nikolaos Karabinis and relocates to privately owned premises in Peania, Attica, where it remains up to this day. A period of great growth starts for the company, which in a short span of time develops into a well-organised, dynamic Greek enterprise with a significant presence in the health sector.


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The company’s reins are taken over by the third generation of the family, Mr Apostolos Karabinis, who implements international management standards and transfers the production of medical consumables to Asia, ensuring competitiveness and high quality products. During the same period, the company is certified according to ISO 9000 and EN 13485, while it also starts the registration of national trademarks, reinforcing its exporting activity.









KARABINIS MEDICAL starts deploying export activities to Balkan countries and the Middle East achieving significant sales volumes, and places Western Europe on its map for future growth.



KARABINIS MEDICAL concludes a strategic co-operation agreement with the Swiss company Microlife for the exclusive distribution of its products on the Greek market. Microlife ranks among the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of medical diagnostic equipment, applying high technology and quality standards.microlife


KARABINIS MEDICAL launching the “Microlife Center” programme in order to promote Microlife products through pharmacies. A milestone in the commercial development of Microlife in the Greek market.



Start of the exclusive distribution on the Greek market of the products of the Italian company ESI S.p.A., which engages in the production of herbal therapy products and natural dietary supplements.



KARABINIS MEDICAL is awarded by Microlife with the Marketing Innovative Award 2003-2004, for the efficient promotion and marketing of its products on the Greek market.

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KARABINIS MEDICAL creates its own Research & Development Department, which focuses on the development of new products (consumables, diagnostic devices, dietary supplements) and innovative health services such as the “Hypertension and Diabetes Corner”.



KARABINIS MEDICAL is awarded by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople with the Social Contribution and Responsibility Award 2007 for its significant initiative for social contribution to vulnerable social groups.

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Exclusive co-operations are started with NIPRO and BIONIME, who hold leading positions in their respective health sectors worldwide.

Also, growth of the company in Greece continues and the company is awarded by Microlife as distributor of the year with the Branded Market Share Award 2009.

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KARABINIS MEDICAL launches the natural products range “Science of Nature” on the Greek market, with great success.son


Significant increase in exports.




In the context of development of innovative products and services, the company acquires a patent from the Greek Industrial Property Organisation (ΟΒΙ) for the first “Digital Antimicrobial Thermometer” worldwide.alfacheck_AT400_gr_final-page-001-1024x512



KARABINIS MEDICAL launches the ground breaking “Get Well Natural Corner”, a service which presents the full range of ESI & Science of Nature natural products available on the Greek market. The service is the superlative tool for consumer support through the pharmacies, but also the most comprehensive web solution for dietary supplements.




KARABINIS MEDICAL moving forward through small or significant changes that are synchronized with the vision of the company: investment in innovation, faith in people, developing products and health services that enrich the life quality.

To change is to evolve. A change of its corporate identity in order to satisfy its business needs and to expand to international markets has been crucial.

Blue and petrol are the colours of the new corporate identity, clearly reminding us of the field of medicine and health. Plus, psychology is affected in a positive way thanks to their connection with nature.

The horse – company logo of the KARABINIS MEDICAL name is still present, but renewed. This horse combines anything this company stands for: the DNA strand, together with the history, the subject of operations, the course of the company as well as its far-reaching objectives.



Εxclusive agreement with MICROLIFE for the promotion of the antimicrobial thermometer worldwide.


KARABINIS MEDICAL selebrates 50 years in the healthcare market and its successful course is sealed by important achievements in the Greek market as well as strategic partnerships. In recent years, the company has expanded its activity to the international healthcare market.

Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis is the New President & CEO of the company.

The company got the USA & WIPO Patent for the Antimicrobial Thermometer.

GOLD AWARD for the services “HD CORNER” and “GETWELL Natural Corner” from the Excellence Awards of Pharmaceutical Market.


Exclusive co-operations is started with Attends, a company of the Domtar Group. KARABINIS MEDICAL promotes Attends’ Adult Incontinence products in Greece.