Athens, June 29, 2015. KARABINIS MEDICAL organized an event dedicated to its employees. The event was held in Blue Coast beach bar, Marathona, on Friday, June 26, 2015.

The company  invited to a summer event its people “the employees  constitute its core but also the driving force to what the company has conquered  so far in both Greek and International markets”, as Mr. Apostolos Karabinis President & CEO of KARABINIS MEDICAL, pointed out during his speech.

During the event, the 10-year Cooperation Annual Awards, as well as the Excellence Awards, were given to those employees whose important contribution to the company’s goals achievement reaches the highest total quality standards set by the company.

Mr. Karabinis closing his speech noted that “the company is decided to continue its course defined by specific strategic development goals, despite the difficulty of the conditions we presently experience in our country. Together we will continue our effort in harmony with our vision and philosophy, which represent the core of our activities both in Greece and abroad”.