Hypertension is a persistent elevation of blood pressure above certain levels and employs about 25% of the adult population. High blood pressure usually causes no symptoms and the diagnosis is based solely on the measurement of blood pressure. Measuring the pressure with the modern pressure gauges are relatively simple, provided prior training in the proper use of the device, there is necessarily the appropriate dimension air chamber according to the circumference of the arm and be meticulous record of results in ‘millimeters of mercury’ Fr. .g. 135/85 mmHg. Pressure price levels are constantly changing during the day for that, in order to determine the level of pressure, need many measurements at different times of day (morning & afternoon) in calm conditions. Measurements under unsuitable conditions eg jittery, pain, panic, etc. It can be very misleading and not generally represent the “real” pressure. In most cases you need to repeat the measurement a little later, keeping calm conditions.

Monitoring blood pressure can be of significant help in health management, as long as the results are accurate. Inaccurate results cause confusion and, possibly, a wrong choice of treatment. Therefore, when buying a blood pressure monitor it is important to pay due attention to the quality of the device. High blood pressure can be the initial stage of a series of many dangerous illnesses that nowadays can be kept well under control with suitable measures. Monitor your blood pressure on a regular base, so that you are aware of alarming changes. Microlife blood pressure monitors are approved by the European Society of Hypertension ESH (Ιnternational Protocol) and the British Hypertension Society BHS (ΒΗS Protocol).

logo_afib_no_shadowAtrial Fibrillation (Afib) is a growing and urgent public health concern. Afib is the most common sustained abnormal heart rhythm worldwide and numbers set to increase. About 15% of strokes occur in patients with Afib. Afib often is accompanied by hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Therefore, Microlife developed blood pressure monitors with an implemented Afib detector. This means that Afib can be diagnosed during blood pressure measurement without any extra efforts. With the implemented Afib detector Microlife follows the latest guidelines of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) for home blood pressure monitoring. These guidelines indicate that the possibility to diagnose irregular heartbeats is a valuable addition to self-measurement devices

pad logoEarly diagnose of pulse arrhytmia is very important, as it will help to prevent the possible heart disorders. The PAD technology (Pulse Arrhythmia Detection) developed by Microlife warns you and your doctor about pulse arrhythmia. This does not replace a cardiac examination, but serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage. The curve shows an oscillogram taken by a Microlife digital blood pressure monitor with PAD technology. The arrows indicate arrhythmia. If an irregular heart beat occurs during measurement, the PAD symbol is displayed at the end of the measuring.

mam logoBlood pressure monitors with MAM technology solve the problem of pressure fluctuations, with the innovative MAM technology take 3 successive blood pressure measurements and subsequently check for values that deviate from the others; they then calculate a weighted average, which reflects the true blood pressure. Microlife blood pressure monitors with MAM technology have been evaluated A/A by the British Hypertension Society for their high accuracy and easy use. The triple measurement with MAM technology provides very reliable results and is recommended by doctors. The data collected with the MAM technology are indicated by the MAM symbol. MAM technology allows accurate, reliable and fast measurement of arterial blood pressure in less than 2 minutes.