Blood pressure is the pressure that the blood puts on the walls of the arteries as it travels along the body. Arteries are the vessels through which the bloods move from the heart to all the parts of the body (arms, legs, brain, kidneys, liver, and all the other organs and tissues). Hypertension or “high arterial blood pressure” means that the pressure that the blood puts on the walls of the arteries as it travels along the arterial system is higher than normal. Genetic background (hypertension in the parents) and environmental factors, such as increased body weight and increased salt in food, predispose to its evolution.

Usually hypertension does not cause any symptoms and its diagnosis is solely based on the measurement of the blood pressure. To this end, if there are medical reasons or if an individual wants to monitor his/her pressure, it is necessary to use for the daily measurement of the values of blood pressure with reliable blood pressure meters, such as the meters produced by Microlife and the Alfacheck of KARABINIS MEDICAL.

High blood pressure is a very common problem that affects a large rate of persons in the world and could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as infraction and cardiac arrest. To this end, it is necessary to measure daily the values of blood pressure by using reliable meters, such as the meters of Microlife and of the Alfacheck series of KARABINIS MEDICAL

It is not easy for someone to realize that he/she is presenting high blood pressure, since it does not cause any symptoms. When there are medical reasons, or when an individual wishes to check his/her pressure as a precaution, the only method for diagnosing high blood pressure, and possibly hypertension, is the daily measurement of the blood pressure using reliable meters. The levels of pressure values constantly change during the day; to this end, in order to specify the level of the pressure, numerous measurements are required at different times of the day (morning and afternoon) under resting conditions. Measurements under unsuitable conditions, e.g. irritation, pain, panic, etc. could be misleading, and thus they do not represent the “actual pressure”. In most cases, it is necessary to repeat the measurement after a short period, while preserving resting conditions. However, if high pressure is accompanied by another serious problem, then it must be immediately dealt with and monitored by a physician. Only after regularly checking blood pressure one may verify whether or not he/she has hypertension.

Each time the heart contracts, the blood gathered inside is pushed to the large arteries. The pressure exerted by blood upon the walls of the arteries during this phase is called systolic. Between the contractions of the heart, its walls loosen up to receive new blood. Then, the pressure exerted upon the walls of the arteries is called diastolic.

The selection of the pressure meter must be based on criteria of reliability and technology. The pressure meters produced by Microlife and the Alfacheck meters of KARABINIS MEDICAL are developed in collaboration with leading physicians in the field of hypertension and are clinically checked, based on international protocols. As a result, they can be used for measuring at home, producing accurate and reliable results. The monitoring of the blood pressure by individuals with a medical history must be accompanied by their physician’s opinion.

You must be careful about the following:

• At least thirty minutes prior measuring, avoid drinking coffee, having lunch, and smoking.

• Prior measuring, remain seated for approx. 5 minutes.

• Support your back at the chair’s back, while easing your arm on a stable surface (e.g. table). Your lets must touch the ground (do not cross them).

• Properly place the cuff directly on the arm (not above the sleeve), approx. at the heart level and 2-3 cm above the elbow. If your sleeve is too tight, you must remove it.

• Press the ON button of the pressure meter. Breathe normally but do not talk and do not move your arm until the end of the measurements.

In order to ensure the proper measurement of the blood pressure, the cuff must be of suitable size and shape. Microlife and the Alfacheck series of KARABINIS MEDICAL have cuffs matching all patient sizes.

This content is for informational purposes only and it is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.