Athens, 25 May, 2018.

Our favorite brand Alfa Gauze changes name and packaging!

We are welcoming Alfashield!

KARABINIS MEDICAL after the recognized and successful course of the medical consumable Alfa Gauze series in the Greek health care market, keeping consistent the products top quality, proceeds to its overall redesign, in order the brand to be synchronized with the expanded strategic and business objectives of the company.

Alfashield is the new name of the series. It reflects uniquely and loudly the brand’s key feature and the promise the products offer to the public:

First quality (Alpha) + Protective barrier (Shield)

The horse, the familiar mark that “seals” Alfa Gauze series, has also been included in the new Alfashield logo. It acts as a quality guarantee seal in the new packaging and at the same time connects the new line with the history of 51 years by KARABINIS MEDICAL.

The rebranding started with the sterile gauze packages that will be launched very soon at the sales points. Gradually, under the brand Alfashield, the total of each category products will follow.

The Alfashield series are in line with KARABINIS MEDICAL new era of development and progress.