Athens, June 10, 2010. Α Greek champion cyclist in classic cycling, Stelios Vaskos, completed in 3 days, between 3rd to 5th of June, 2010, once again, a huge feat, by covering with his bicycle the route Trikala-Sofia-Andrianoupolis-Trikala, a duration of 1591 km.

Stelios Vaskos, World Champion of Security Forces, Mediteranian and Balkan Champion, has brought dozens of medals in Greece, from the competition Tour de France, from the tour of Mexico and all around the world. In consultation with his doctor, performed all the necessary tests on the road, intubated even for his basic needs and continuously monitoring his blood pressure with high precision blood pressure monitor Microlife, honouring our company KARABINIS MEDICAL, which is exclusive distributor of the Microlife Company in Greece. Thus, it was ensured with the best possible way, his proper physical condition, which is necessary to the accomplishment of his new athletic excess.