Athens, 7 June, 2017. KARABINIS MEDICAL SA is a solid Greek company with a successful 50-year history in the health field, having succeeded significant achievements in the Greek market, solid strategic partnerships and innovative international prominences.

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Your Lifetime Partner”  supports people and social groups by initiatives promoting health, sports, environment, culture and society overall.

  • Sponsorships that supporting the progress of the medical community. We firmly support Scientific Meetings and Conferences, promoting innovation, as well as updating Health Professionals and patients on the latest developments in the diseases diagnosis and treatment
  • Donations that contribute to health services improvement. We have supported major public hospitals in our country with medical equipment, to perform blood pressure and blood sugar measurements for their patients
  • Sponsorships that promoting sports. With primary focus the protection of health and athletic ideal, we support Athletic Associations, contributing to enhance their work.
  • Green Business for the environment protection. With clear strategy on the environmental protection we actively contribute to green business by joining the collective alternative management system of “APPLIANCES RECYCLING SA”
  • Free Measurements to the public. The Nurses Department of our company conducted during 2016, totally 26.162 blood pressure measurements and 25.821 blood glucose measurements, to customers of our partner pharmacies across Greece.

KARABINIS MEDICAL with love and sense of duty towards the homeland, with respect and faith in human value, with honesty and integrity, attributes to life its deserving value, operating for the common benefit.