Athens, January 13, 2020. The annual KickOff Meeting of KARABINIS MEDICAL took place on Friday, January 10, 2020 at the CHIRONAS EVENTS VENUE in Peania.

In his speech, Mr. Apostolos Karabinis analyzed the company’s milestones from 1967 to the present, as well as the goals till 2030. Among the milestones, he particularly emphasized:

– the Quality Assurance System for products’ quality assurance,

– the antimicrobial thermometer, an invention of Mr. Karabinis developed by the RnD Department of our company and it is patented worldwide

– health services and especially HD Corner, a service developed by the RnD Department of our company and has objective to enhance the compliance of individuals with cardiovascular risk factors contributing to their control of their chronic diseases

– company’s ability to “build” brands in the Greek market

During the KickOff Meeting all the Executives of the company presented the succesfull projects of the previous year and announcing the goals of each Department for 2020.