On April 27th 2010, in the building of EEDE, was organized a meeting titled “Quality as a Competitive Business Advantage”. The curriculum of the meeting was subjected: “Quality” of the postgraduate level of the Athens University of Economics and Business. KARABINIS MEDICAL participated on the meeting, after an official invitation of the organizer company “Contact of New Businessmen Greece, Young Leaders” and was represented by its President & CEO Mr. Karabinis Apostolos.
Mr. Karabinis in his presentation analyzed the competitive advantage of KARABINIS MEDICAL in the subject of the quality related to the product, the management, the offered services, the social liability profile, etc.
The presentation was attended by the total of students of International M.B.A of the Athens University of Economics and Business, guided by professor Eriq Soderquist. The meeting was carried out with absolute success in friendly environment among speakers and attendants.