On May 29th, 2010, was held in Sardinia, Italy, the annual Microlife Distribution Meeting. The conference was attended by Microlife Distributors from 28 countries. Among others, the Greek company KARABINIS MEDICAL, which plays a dominant role in the Greek market health care, dynamically participated in the distribution meeting. During the presentation of professional devices of blood pressure measurement, was thoroughly analyzed the professional device Exact BP, a result of the innovative cooperation between KARABINIS MEDICAL and Novartis Hellas. The original device Exact BP produced according to the International Standards on the Hypertension, not only records the blood pressure measurement, but also displays it’s difference from the AP. The Exact BP won the International prize “Pharma CEO 2009”, of Novartis, for the pioneering achievement in the development of a diagnostic tool, that helps to improve the regulation of Hypertension. The end of the meeting was followed from a cultural event.