Athens, February 12, 2017. A very important speech was delivered by Mr. Karabinis at the 5th Scientific Conference of the “Hellenic Crisis Management Society in the Health Sector,” which took place on 9-11 February 2018, at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens.

In his speech, entitled “Hypertension & Diabetes Corner: A Way to Enhance Compliance of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease,” Mr. Karabinis presented the significant benefits that this innovative service provides to patients with hypertension and diabetes. He underlined that: “The Hypertension & Diabetes Corner, developed by KARABINIS MEDICAL’s Research and Development Department, provides reliable and scientifically processed data for the physician, while at the same time the patient has the ability to be scientifically informed about the measurement’s process and medication therapy, as well as nutrition and exercise information. This unique service supports the patient and strengthens his active participation in the regulation of his disease. “