Athens, May 13, 2015. KARABINIS MEDICAL has been a strong and successful Greek company in the health field for the past 48 years. With relations of trust and major achievements as its main features, dominates in the Greek market with powerful strategic collaborations and world innovative firsts. Evidently, the time has come to change its corporate identity in order to get perfectly synchronized with its enlarged strategic and business objectives and its orientation towards international markets.

Blue and petrol the colors of the new corporate identity, clearly reminding the field of medicine and health, beneficially impact psychology, creating associations with nature

The horse, symbol of the company’s logo and part of its history, still present and connected with KARABINIS MEDICAL name, is now expressed in a new form. This horse reflects everything this company stands for: it ties up with the DNA strand and in free rough design simultaneously captures history, purpose, development and the new dynamic goals of the company

The new corporate message, “Value for life” aimed at extroversion, emphasizes the timeless values and vision of KARABINIS MEDICAL.

Into this new era of development and progress, KARABINIS MEDICAL continuing with knowledge, responsibility and advanced scientific thought to generate health value- the fundamental asset for man- becomes a major leader in the map of global health.