Athens, March 18, 2015. Mr. George Manthopoulos holding the position of the Commercial Director of KARABINIS MEDICAL SA in the branch of Wholesale, Pharmacies and Exports, expends his duties taking over the Hospital Section. From now on, Mr. Manthopoulos will have full responsibility of the commercial processes in all health areas the company operates. Mr. Manthopoulos has an important and extensive experience in the health sector. Having already a successful professional and long career in the company, he is responsible for the strategic development of all products and health services. Mr. Manthopoulos stated: “For me it is a great honor and at the same time a great responsibility the general inauguration of the company’s Commercial Management. KARABINIS MEDICAL enters a new era with expanded strategic and business goals, targeting a leadership in the health area. I am very pleased to contribute to the direct achievement of these objectives, which lead the company to further development”. Recently, KARABINIS MEDICAL announced in a press release, the appointment of the General Management of Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis.

With these significant organizational changes, the company introduces a new dynamic management team which will cope positively with the new requirements of the times, both in Greece and abroad.