Athens, February 24, 2017. Mr. Apostolos Karabinis, main shareholder and up to now President and Managing Director of KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A, promotes the General Manager of the company, Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis, as President & Managing Director of KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A.

Mr. Apostolos Karabinis stated:

 “After many years of successful course in the company and his progress as the General Manager of KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A, Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis proved himself as a totally qualified officer, possessing the necessary skills and experience required to lead the company, having as fundamental orientation its further financial and business development, always at the service of our partners and consumers. I hereby assign the central administration of the company in his experienced hands, with confidence that he will perfectly meet the demands of new duties. With this administrative change and having created a sound corporate structure, now I can dedicate my productive time in the development of our business activities in major overseas markets as well as in research and development products under global patents, through our new company MEKYLON SA.

In any case, these entire activities also support our central company in Greece, KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A. Obviously, I will continue to actively support KARABINIS MEDICAL S.A alongside, as it has been my entire business core during the last 50 years of operation”.