ΚΑRABINIS MEDICAL SA, Manufacture –Sales Medical and Technological Products and Providing Services, which is headquartered in Peania Attikis ( Lavriou 151 19002 Peania Attikis) with Tax No: 099052507, Tax Office: FAE Athens (“Data Controller”) and it is legally represented by its Managing Director Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis wishes to inform you (the “Data Subject”) that it will collect, process and save your data for a period of five (5) years or for as long the retaining of the personal data is required in order to fulfil legal obligations and afterwards, KARABINIS MEDICAL SA will proceed to their overall deletion. These date are your name/surname/company name, email address, address (headquarters), tax number of the data subject as well as the data that concern:


    1. The processing for purposes of handling complaints and evaluating the quality of the services provided to the data subject that were submitted to the Company as Data Controller for purposes of serving present or future transactions or recruitment to the Company.



    3. The processing for purposes of evaluating personal data that are part of CVs for recruitment, which are submitted to the Company by recruitment candidates.

    5. The processing for purposes of providing technical support, clarifications on instructions for use and operation of medical devices and medical equipment.

    7. The processing for purposes of informing, promoting and commercial communication of products and services, as well as research for assessing the quality of the products and services I have already received by you and for market research, even via automate means (e.g. by phone, SMS, MMS, facsimile, email applications and internet).

    9. The processing for purposes of profiling, even via electronic means, regarding the behavior and the consumer customs in order to enhance the provided services, the satisfaction of certain needs and the propounding of business proposals.


    The above personal data processing is carried out solely by the Company only for the above mentioned restricted purposes and concerns no other processing purpose. In case the Company processes your data for new purposes that are not mentioned above, it will ask your consent again. We remind you that the processing of your personal data for the above purposes will not be possible if you do not provide us with your consent.

    You can exercise your right to access, correction, disruption or suspension of the processing and the right to deletion if there are legal grounds to do so, as well as the right to transfer the data to another Controller or Processor by sending a letter to DPO or by email to You can also withdraw your consent given herein at any time with a simple declaration of withdrawal, which you will send to the above email address or by post to the registered offices of our Company: 151 Lavriou Av., 19002 Peania Attikis), c/o DPO.

    Important notice: In case you exercise your legal rights mentioned above, KARABINIS MEDICAL SA will take all possible measures for satisfying your demand within thirty (30) calendar days from receiving it and will notify you in writing for the satisfaction of your demand or for the reasons that ban your exercise of rights or the satisfaction of one or more of these rights, according to the GDPR (EU 679/2016).


    I am informed about the above processing of my personal data and information and I consent to their processing as mentioned herein.


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