Athens, March 3, 2015. Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis holding the position of the Chief Financial Officer of KARABINIS MEDICAL was promoted to General Manager of the company. Mr. Tsitsimpis expertise and heretofore significant contribution in the development of our company will constitute major advantages to the company’s further advancement.

The President and CEO of the company Mr. Apostolos Karabinis noted that; with the duties delegation of General Manager Mr. Tsitsimpis, the company strengthens even more, in order to continue its upward trend, both in Greece and abroad.

Mr. Stefanos Tsitsimpis who holds MSc with specialization in Finance began his career in KARABINIS MEDICAL in October 2009 in the Financial Department and in September 2011 was appointed Chief Financial Officer, as responsible for ensuring the proper planning and control process, participating actively as well in shaping the strategic plan of the company.