Athens, 14 February 2019
Mr. Apostolos Karampinis, Founder & Entrepreneur of our company, presented to the members of SYFAK our award-winning & innovative service, Hypertension & Diabetes Corner (HD Corner), with great success! With his excellent and inspirational speech, he highlighted the value of the service, which aims to strengthen the compliance of cardiovascular patients. Our service is expanding dynamically in pharmacies in Crete!
HD Corner, created by the Research & Development Department of KARABINIS MEDICAL SA in collaboration with Key Opinion Leader, has already been applied to pharmacies in our country, delivering significant qualitative and quantitative results.
Mr Karabinis, in his speech, highlighted that HD Corner service based on the scientific community’s mandate for “team care approach” to cardiovascular patients with the Pharmacist as a trainer in order the patient to be compliant with the correct lifestyle, the measurement protocol, exercise, nutrition and medication.
We thank the President of SYFAK Mr. Apostolos Genetzakis, the General Manager Mr. Dimitris Alibertis and their associates for the excellent organization of yesterday’s event and its members for their active participation and warm hospitality!