Alfashield Sterile Pads are suitable for covering and protecting all types of wounds. The pads are highly durable and they do not cause irritation and allergic reactions. With a strong adhesive which seals all around the wound, they remain stable and protect ideally the wound. The non-stick wound pad protects gently the wound.


  • Dermatologically tested & approved by proDEM

Sterilized with ETO • Breathable • Hypo-allergic
• Highly absorbent • Suitable for extremely sensitive skins
• Fixed on special membrane with hypoallergenic glue
• Available in various dimensions

Use: they are used for covering and protecting all types of wounds
Certified products with CE 0653.

Dimensions Code Pcs/Package  Pcs/Carton
6cm x 8cm PLS-AS-001 5 100
8cm x 10cm PLS-AS-002 5 100
8cm x 12cm PLS-AS-003 5 100
9cm x 15cm PLS-AS-004 5 100
9cm x 20cm PLS-AS-005 5 100
9cm x 25cm PLS-AS-006 5 100
6cm x 8cm PLS-AS-010 50 24
8cm x 10cm PLS-AS-011 50 24
8cm x 12cm PLS-AS-012 50 24
9cm x 15cm PLS-AS-013 50 24
9cm x 20cm PLS-AS-014 50 24
9cm x 25cm PLS-AS-015 50 24