World’s first antimicrobial thermometer with copper alloy

The ultimate solution for hygiene and safety in fever management

The new INNOVATIVE thermometer made by certified antimicrobial copper alloy AT400:

  • Reduces the risk of microbial cross contamination among users
  • Provides accurate temperature measurement in 30 seconds
  • The nature of antimicrobial copper reduces drastically the pathogenic microbes 





  • 30 seconds measurement
  • Fever alarm
  • Memory of the last measurement
  • 6 years warranty


  • The thermometer is certified from the notified body National Evaluation Center of Quality & Technology in Health and holds the CE0653 mark.
  • The thermometer is registered by the “Hellenic Copper Development Institute” (HCDI) for the use of the International trade mark Cu+ due to the antimicrobial action of the containing copper alloy.
  • The copper alloy used is included in the certified list of antimicrobial copper alloys of the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The thermometer is registered with the Patent OBI (Industrial Property Organization) No. 1007847 titled “Digital Thermometer of Antimicrobial Copper”.
  • International Application with No. PCT/GR2012/000047 for the assignment and international patent published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with number WO/2013/06847.

Code: KAR-AC-001