Microlife BP A1 Basic is a Blood Pressure Monitor  Clinically Tested by British Hypertension Society (BHS) with Gentle & PAD Technology.

The PAD technology (Pulse Arrhythmia Detection) analyses pulse frequency and detects irregular heart beats during blood pressure measurement. If an irregular heart beat occurs during the measurement, the PAD symbol is displayed. PAD does not replace a cardiac examination, but it serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage.


  • PAD Technology: automatically detects heart arrhythmias during a blood pressure measurement
  • Εasy to use
  • 1 touch operation, 1 memory
  • Large display
  • Fully automatic
  • Cuff check indicator
  • Arm movement indicator
  • Comfortable cuff 22-42 cm for all common arm sizes
  • Very light, just 317gr with batteries
  • 5 years warranty

Code: MIC-BP-145

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