Microlife BP A3L Comfort is an advanced Clinically Tested blood pressure monitor with Inflation Mode Technology (IMT) for measurement during inflation.

The new and innovative Microlife IMT (Inflation Mode Technology) ensures an extra gentle, quick and accurate blood pressure measurement.

Blood pressure monitors with IMT already examine pulse signals during inflation of the cuff. In order to guarantee that these IMT blood pressure monitors also meet our highest standards, the inflation runs smoothly and slowly. As soon as all necessary signals are recorded, the air in the cuff is discharged and the blood pressure value is immediately displayed so that the average measurement time is significantly shortened.


  • Inflation Mode Technology: quick and gentle measurements
  • MAM Τtechnology: Superior reliability is achieved by the automatic data analysis of 3 successive measurements in less than 3 minutes
  • PAD Technology : automatically detects heart arrhythmias during a blood pressure measurement
  • Compatible with FREE Hypertension & Diabetes Corner ( for Proper Nutrition, Exercise & Measurement Records.
  • USB Port
  • Large display
  • 2 users X 99 data memory with date and time
  • Traffic light indicator
  • Cuff check indicator
  • Arm movement indicator
  • Lock/Unlock function
  • Cuff size 22-42cm


Free warranty 10 years “Microlife 10 STAR PLATINUM” applies to packages bearing the sticker and warranty card 10 STAR PLATINUM.