Elastic bandages made of cotton and polyamid, with holding clips.


  • Extremely elastic ≥ 140% hypo-allergic
  • Washed in lukewarm water (40º C)
  • Suitable to be sterilised in autoclave

Use: Medical device to immobilise joint parts in case of muscle and bone harms. Practicing pressure in cases of feet asculopathy (thrombophlebitis, etc).

Dimensions Code Pcs/Packet Pcs/Carton
5cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-009 20 100
6cm x 4.5m ELA-ID-010 20 100
7cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-011 20 100
8cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-012 20 100
10cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-013 20 100
12cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-014 20 100
15cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-015 20 100
20cm x 4,5m ELA-ID-016 20 100