Rapid Energy! 

Ginseng Plus Pocket Drink is food supplement with vegetable extract of Ginseng, Cola, Eleutherococcous & Guarana, well-known for their tonic properties. Ginseng Plus Pocket Drink helps the body to naturally retain its energy in situations of intense physical or mental strain and anxiety. Ideal for athletes, students, elderly and recovery patients. Also suitable for vegetarians.

Directions if use: 1 Pocket drink daily

  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage
  • This product is not intended for the prevention, treatment or cure of a human disease
  • Ask your doctor if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, under medication or have a health problem
  • Food Supplements are not medicines and should not be considered a substitute for a balanced diet
  • To be consumed by people over 15 years of age
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Keep it in a dry and cool place

Package: 16 pocket drinks

Code: ESI-AL-444


National Organization of Medicines/Notification No.: 105171/09.12.2014


Ingredients Per 1 pocket drink (10ml) Per 100ml
Ginseng Korean 900mg 9.000mg
1% as ginsenosides 9mg 90mg
Guarana 80mg 800mg
10% as caffeine 8mg 80mg
Cola 70mg 700mg
10% σε καφεΐνη

Eleutherococcus (Ginseng Siberian)

5% saponins