A radiopaque intravenous catheter, designed to allow safe and easy usage, equipped with extra sharp needle for venipuncture with less trauma and maximum efficiency.

The innovative design of the flexible PUR (polyurethane) and FEP (teflon) catheters where developed to minimize the risk of kinking and ensure a continuous infusion and long duration of the insertion site.

The flashback chamber enables a quick visualization of the correct placement of the catheter.

Code Catheter’s Length Catheter’s Size Needle Size Flow Rate Color Pcs/Packet Pcd/Carton
NC-1445PWP-EIN 14G (2,1mm) 1 3/4»(45mm) 1,47 mm 300 ml/min Orange 100 1000
NC-1645PWP-EIN 16G (1,8mm) 1 3/4»(45mm) 1,25 mm 200 ml/min Grey 100 1000
NC-1833PWP-EIN 18G (1,3mm) 1 3/4»(33mm) 0,85 mm 90 ml/min Green 100 1000
NC-2033PWP-EIN 20G (0,65mm) 1 1/4»(33mm) 0,70 mm 61 ml/min Pink 100 1000
NC-2225PWP-EIN 22G (0,9mm) 1 inch (25mm) 0,55 mm 36 ml/min Blue 100 1000
NC-2419PWP-EIN 24G (0,mm) 3/4»(19mm) 0,45 mm 15 ml/min Yellow 100 1000