The new antimicrobial thermometer Microlife MT 410 provides a safe, fast and hygienic temperature measurement.

  • Reduces the risk of microbial cross-contamination among users
  • Provides accurate temperature measurement in 10 seconds
  • The nature of antimicrobial copper reduces drastically the pathogenicmicrobes

Through its patented technological application, aims to create safe thermometry conditions, not only to families but to the entire healthcare chain (doctors-nurses-patients).

The antimicrobial copper which is applied on the thermometer’s tip and battery’s cover kills a wide range of pathogenic microbes, drastically reducing microbial flora on the coated parts and causes significant pathogenic microbes reduction at the rest body of the thermometer.

The result of its continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action is the decrease of pathogenic microbes spreading, providing high safety and protection to the user.

Extensive laboratory and clinical studies worldwide have shown that a large number of bacteria, viruses and fungi cannot survive on the antimicrobial copper surfaces.


  • Reduces the risk of microbial cross-contamination among users
  • 10 Seconds measurement
  • Clinically Tested
  • Flexible tip for a comfortable measurement
  • Fever alarm
  • Memory of the last measurement
  • Ideal for the whole family
  • 5 years warranty