The Microlife NC 150 thermometer, further to it’s reliability, accuracy, and easy handling, allows gentle and non-invasive measurement of body temperature without touching the patient.

With the unique Microlife technology, the thermometer provides fixed contactless measurements in just 3 seconds, which are not affected by heat interference. It performs a self-check every time it is activated to ensure the predicted accuracy of the measurements. It has been clinically tested and used for the periodic measurement and monitoring of body, surface, and room temperature.

The Microlife Silent Glow ™ technology will show if temperatures exceed 37.4°C. Microlife is the first company in Europe to launch this patented technology that allows easy reading of high temperatures.

Ideal for children’s thermometer, even when the child is asleep, without causing any nuisance!


  • Fast and accurate measurement in only 3 seconds
  • A blue LED light indicates the correct measurement area and the distance
  • It performs 12 readings per second and the display shows the highest value from the 36 measuring points Large LCD screen illuminated for easy use even in the dark: The display will light up with GREEN color for 4 seconds when the thermometer is activated, also with GREEN color for 5 seconds when the measurement is complete and the reading is less than 37.5 ° C / 99.5 ° F. FEVER INDICATION: The display will turn ON with RED for 5 seconds when the measurement is complete and the reading is equal to or greater than 37.5 ° C / 99.5 ° F
  • Measurement of forehead, objects & ambient temperature
  • Touch-free measurement
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Gentle & hygienic
  • Mercury free
  • Fever alarm
  • Illuminated display
  • Beeper
  • Blue tracking light
  • 30 Data memory
  • °C – °F Switchable
  • Multifunctional