Alfa Gauze X-RAY made from 100% cotton extra fine quality hydrophilic gauze for high safety and protection. They are odorless, highly absorbent and without starch and bleaching residuals. Suitable for sterilization.

• 18 threads/cm2 minimum weight 24gr/m2
• 17 threads/cm2 minimum weight 23gr/m2
• 16 threads/cm2 minimum weight 20gr/m2
• 15 threads/cm2 minimum weight 19,5gr/m2
• 14 threads/cm2 minimum weight 18gr/m2
• 13 (light) threads/cm2 minimum weight 14gr/m2
• Available in various dimensions
• Standardized in packaging of 100 pieces

Use: they can be used for cleansing, dressing and covering of wounds. They are proper for injury treatment and small surgery use.

Complied with the European Standards ΕΝ 14079, CE 0653.


Dimensions Code Pcs/Packet Pcs/Carton
5cm x 5cm 8ply X-Ray NOS-AG-006 100 5000
7,5cm x 7,5cm 8ply X-Ray NOS-AG-046 100 5000
10cm x 10cm 8ply X-Ray NOS-AG-007 100 2000
10cm x 10cm 12ply X-Ray NOS-AG-033 100 2000
10cm x 10cm 12ply X-Ray NOS-AG-008 100 2000