Soothes the throat!

ESI Propolgola Honey Spray with Propolis and Honey Manuka (500 MGO) is a nutritional supplement that soothes the throat. Propolis action helps in the natural disinfection of the oral cavity and pharynx, which are the most common access to pathogenic microorganisms. Sisymbrium officinale helps relieve the symptoms of cough. Manuka honey has a softening effect while the plant has a mild soothing effect. It contains no alcohol.

Instructions: 2-3 applications daily. Shake well before use. Do not drink liquids for 10 minutes after application. The presence of sediment is due to the natural origin of the product and does not affect its quality.
Ingredients: Dried propolis extract, Sisymbrium Officinale flower and leaf extract, honey manuka, and manuka essential oil.
Does not contain: Gluten, additional preservatives, technical pigments, GMO

Ingredients Per 0,5ml Per 100ml
Propolis e.s tit 12% 15g 3g
tot. flav. intake as galangin 1,8mg 360mg
Hedge Mustard leaves and flowring tops hydrogl.extr. 42,5mg 8,5g
Manuka honey 25mg 5mg