Alfashield Alfa Gauze Sterile made from 100% cotton extra fine quality hydrophilic gauze for high safety and protection. They are odorless, highly absorbent with folded edges. Without bleaching residuals.


  • 17 threads/cm2 minimum weight 23gr/m2
  • 16 threads/cm2 minimum weight 22gr/m2
  • 15 threads/cm2 minimum weight 19,5gr/m2
  • ± 8% tolerance
  • Available in 5 dimensions
  • Packaged in single envelope of medical paper, on which is mentioned the lot number, the sterilization date and product expiry date.

Use: They can be used for cleansing, dressing and covering of wounds. They are proper for injury treatment and small surgery/ hospital use. Matching the correct type of gauze dressing to the wound is essential to successful wound healing.

Complied with European Standards EN 14079, CE 0653.

Dimensions Code Pcs/Packet Pcs/Carton
15cm x 15cm APO-AS-008 6 320
15cm x 15cm APO-AS-004 12 200
15cm x 30cm APO-AS-005 12 200
17cm x 30cm APO-AS-006 12 200
36cm x 40cm APO-AS-007 10 100