Athens, October 12, 2015. KARABINIS MEDICAL organized on Friday 9 October 2015 at its premises, the Scientific Ergonomics Seminar addressed to its employees. The seminar was conducted by the Professor of physical education and sport, Mr. Georgios Georgas, and included two major sections: a) a brief presentation on the ergonomics during work and b) demonstrating problematic scenarios of ergonomic during work and possible workarounds.

The aim of the course was to limit musculoskeletal stress and musculoskeletal pain associated with prolonged preservation of specific positions during labor. The effectiveness and practical application of the seminar second part is closely intertwined with the peculiarities showing the various positions which workers maintain in the majority of their working hours.

Additionally, KARABINIS MEDICAL gifted to its employees a musculoskeletal evaluation in Okeanos Sports Center.