Athens, July 23, 2020.

SILVER Award at the Patient Partnership Awards 2020, for our CSR actions regarding COVID-19

KARABINIS MEDICAL is a large manufacturing, importing and exporting company of medical consumables, food supplements, natural care products and diagnostic medical devices, which has been activing in the field of health since 1967 and also has a long history in Corporate Social Responsibility and green business.

A living proof, the CSR program of the company “Ally of Life” that gives value to Health, Science, Environment, Culture, Sports, but also in the volunteering of its people, with a central goal of improving the quality of life.

In this context, from the beginning of the appearance of COVID-19 in our country, our company was immediately mobilized, offering significant donations of medical equipment to alleviate the vulnerable, but also to strengthen the great work of health professionals, who are fighting in the first line to deal with the pandemic.

At the Patient Partnership Awards 2020, our effort was recognized with an award of great value to us, which strengthens our commitment to contribute to the well common.

Our actions for the treatment of COVID -19 are:

May 2020

  • donation of 20,000 protective masks to Drugstores, to support their employees
  • donation of protective masks to the Hatzikyriakeio Foundation, a historic Child Protection Foundation in Greece, which provides comprehensive care and support to girls aged 6 years
  • donation of medical equipment to the Agricultural Clinic of Kefalari, Corinth, such as sterile gauze, gloves, masks and syringes
  • donation of protective masks to the Regional Clinic Kapsia Arcadia

April 2020

  • donation of 100,000 masks to the Federation of Pharmacists’ Cooperatives of Greece (OSFE), in order to cover the immediate needs of individual protection of the human resources of the Greek pharmacy which is an integral part of the health sector and is on the front line every day, as well as to the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association (PFS), which has decided to donate the masks to a public hospital due to the urgent need of protection of doctors and nurses who come in direct contact with patients with Covid -19.
  • donation to the Medical School of the University of Patras, to the research team of Dr. Eleftheriou Gortzis, Head of the Telemedicine Laboratory. Microlife’s high-tech blood pressure monitor and thermometers with Bluetooth technology will be used in a new telemedicine program that scientists will develop to support the Home Care program in Municipalities of our country.
  • donation of Microlife NC 150 thermometers in consultation with the Pharmacists of the World, to the Central Service of EKAB and the town hall, on our beautiful island in the northeastern Aegean, Agios Efstratios.

March 2020

  • donation of consumable sanitary material to the municipality of Paiania and to the Paiania Police Department.
  • donation of gloves to the Non-Profit Organization Equal Societ – Equal Opportunities Society, to support people who are financially disadvantaged
  • donation of high-tech digital blood pressure monitor to Sotiria Hospital, which is a reference hospital for Covid-19.
  • donation of 50 ear thermometers to the Non-Profit Company MACHI for the autoimmune diseases, for the unemployed and low-income retirees it supports.