Athens, April 10, 2017

Cook with heart!

Aris Tsanaklidis & Normolip 5 of ESI cooked healthy recipes with live coverage from Lampsi FM 92,3 at Smart Park in Spata.

ESI’s Normolip 5 event was successfully completed on Saturday, April 8, in Spata, which was covered live by Lampsi 92.3 FM and Kaiti Farmaki.

Aris Tsanaklidis and Normolip 5 cooked recipes for cholesterol management based on a healthier approach to keep cholesterol at low levels.

All those who were present had the opportunity to try the recipes prepared by Aris Tsanaklidis and to receive gifts and informative material on the beneficial effect of Normolip 5.

ESI’s Normolip 5 is a clinically tested natural food supplement with Monacolin K, Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, Coenzyme Q10 and Chromium.