May 2015

KARABINIS MEDICAL sponsored the educational Seminar “Prevention & Care of Diabetic Foot and Dietary Habits’’, organized by the magazine” Health Advisor “taking place in Patra, on May 23, 2015.

The seminar was held in “Astir Patra’s Hotel” having mass public attendance, mainly from the regional pharmacies and the Diabetic Association of Patra’s “Sweet Life“.

The three speakers of the seminar are the city’s distinguished scientists. Rapporteur of the seminar was Doctor Tsekouras Athanasios- Endocrinologist Diabetologist, who presented the topics of “Diabetes, prevention and care of Diabetic Foot.”

The Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, Ms. Kottika Iro, was referred “on Dietary Management of Diabetes Mellitus” and finally, the Special Pathologist-Diabetologist Ms. Talampouka Georgia, was given the necessary advice to diabetics on “Diabetes Treatment and Hypoglycemia Management ”

The cycle of lectures was completed with the presentation of Mr. Vangelis Stasis, Sales Director of Diagnostics Medical Devices Dpt of KARABINIS MEDICAL, who presented the proper techniques of blood glucose self-measurement. The company representatives distributed throughout the public free glucose meters.