Athens, July 16, 2019. KARABINIS MEDICAL has been active in the healthcare sector for more than 50 years, with a strong focus on the creation of innovative health services and products, strong marketing policy and a broad CSR program, always concentrating all its strengths on upgrading quality life. We greatly thank the organizers and the jury of the Best in Pharmacy Awards 2019, the pharmacist associates and of course the people who trust our products for 50 consecutive years.

The 5 great awards we won:

  1. GOLD Award for the patented Microlife MT400 Antimicrobial Thermometer as the most innovative pharmacy product in the category of Medical & Diagnostic Products
  2. SILVER Award for Microlife Products in the category of best marketing campaign with high budget for pharmacy products
  3. SILVER Award for Clinically Checked Microlife BP monitors with 10 Years Guarantee, in the category of best advertising on TV, radio, press and outdoor for pharmacy products
  4. SILVER Award for KARABINIS MEDICAL Sales Team, in the category The Top Pharmacy Sales Team
  5. SILVER Award for the CSR program”, in the section “Best company of the year in the pharmacy field of Corporate Social Responsibility”

These new awards give us further strength and enthusiasm to grow and progress by contributing to the strengthening of the ecosystem of health.