YpsomedThe Ypsomed Group is a leading, independent developer and manufacturer of injection systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist with over 30 years of experience. Ypsomed offers insulin pumps and injection systems as well as pen needles for the treatment of diabetes. Ypsomed is regarded as a leader in innovation and technology and is the preferred partner of pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the self-medication field. Ypsomed headquarters are in Burgdorf, Switzerland, with several production sites in Switzerland and in the Czech Republic, and subsidiaries throughout Europe as well as leading, independent marketing partners throughout the world.

Ypsomed solutions make self-care simpler and easier.

Ypsomed name reflects the expertise: “ipso” means “self” and “med” stands for medication. Hence company’s name perfectly illustrates the core business: to market its innovative, high-quality and reliable products and services which allow patients to administer their own medication in a safe and simple way. The self-injection and diagnostic systems help millions of people, most of them diabetics, to enjoy the best possible quality of life. Ypsomed develops and produces custom-made injection systems. Also Ypsomed manufactures compatible pen needles with a unique click-on function for its own and all other widely available pens.